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The aim of Mitchell Music is to document the thriving 19th Century fiddle scene of the North East of England.


The first publication of  'The Lads Like Beer' - The Fiddle Music of James Hill' was in 1987 and this was followed by  'Remember Me' - The Fiddle Music of Robert Whinham' in 1995.


The latter was published by Wallace Music - a venture along with Noel Chidwick which also saw the publication of 'My Life and Adventures' by James Scott Skinner (in association with the Cityof Aberdeen) in 1994 and a commission by Balnain House, Inverness saw the publication of a new edition of 'The Athole Collection' in 1996.


Mitchell Music is run by Graham Dixon in an endeavour to make the music and information about the fiddlers of that era more widely available. Despite an interest in fiddle music, he is a Northumbrian piper, a former editor of the Nortumbrian Pipers' Society Journal and a vice-president of that organisation.

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Mitchell Music

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